Monthly Archives: January 2013

Start OpenERP server for development/ Command to start OpenERP server and client

You can follow the below steps to start the openERP server and client on linux machine for development. 1. Download the latest version of OpenERP server and client [Sources] from [NOTE: For development on Ubuntu please download sources] 2. …

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Select dropdown with fixed width cutting off content in IE

I did Google about this issue but didn’t find any best solution, so I created a solution based on JQuery that works fine in all browsers. just call badFixSelectBoxDataWidthIE() function on page load.

Remove empty values from array in PHP without looping

PHP provides an in-built function “array_filter” that removes all the key value pairs from the array that contain blank or null value. Syntax: array array_filter($arrayName) Example: The above code will print: Array( [0] => text [3] => -1 )

Enable Copy/Paste on remote machine

Hi Friends, If you are not able to copy paste from remote machine. Responsible process for this task is “rdpclip.exe”. You can directly start/restart this process if you are a advance user. OR You can use following steps to do …

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Enable Copy Paste on virtualBox

By default the copy and paste will be disabled in the virtualBox i.e to and from the virtual machine. This can be enabled as follows: 1) Go to Machine settings tab. 2) In that go to General Settings. 3) In …

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Installing Ubuntu virtual machine on Windows7

Find below the steps to install linux or any other Operating system on your machine using virtualBox i.e creating a virtual machine on your system that will be treated as an independent machine. 1)Download VirtualBox from 2)Download Ubuntu from …

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Introduction to HTML5

Hello All, Today, I wanted to introduce HTML5, hopefully I am a bit late here to introduce the same but will try to capture all updates. What is HTML5 ? HTML5 is a W3C specification that defines the fifth major …

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How to create a virtual host on wamp server

Follow the below simple steps to create virtual hosts and solve the problems related to it: STEP 1 Make your server listen to a new port in the httpd.conf file of wamp server Listen 82 etc. Mention the port number …

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Hosting Applications on Wamp Server

Run single file on Wamp Once the wamp server is installed, a directory structure will be formed in the installed drive named wamp. To run your php file directly on wamp, what you need to do is place that file …

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Get Microsoft Certification For Free- HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 [70-480] Which Costs $80

Steps to get Microsoft Certification For Free: Open Prometric registration page Select : India > Client : Microsoft > Program : Microsoft(070,071,074,….) Then select 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 at a testing center near you. Use …

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