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animated image not moving/animating in IE(Internet Explorer)

If you are having Problem showing loader GIF in Internet Explorer or any animated image. You can use a css trick via javascript for the same. Pre-load loader image and insert it via JavaScript on run time.

cross browser opacity

TO obtain a cross browser opacity please prefer following style-code which will handle opacity for all browsers: For any?’s, let me know.

Prevent bubbling in javascript/jquery

Whenever an event on an element is triggered, it bubbles up through all its parents till it reaches the html element. i.e If we trigger a click event on element1 then all the click events of its parents will be …

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learn jQuery in single move

Please refer following PPT to learn jQuery in single move. The Magic Of JQUERY By Anoop _ Revised Let me know if any ?’s

Number Validation on text field in jquery/javascript

If you want client side validation on the text field to accept only numbers, then you can use the below function : The above function return true if number is entered, else false. Call this function on keypress() event as …

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Dimensions in jQuery

If you want to play with an element using jQuery, Your requirement is to measure dimension of the same. You can refer following example: If you have any questions, Please feel free to ask. — Anoop kumar sharma

css manipulation in jQuery

if you want to set style of an element(s), you can refer following example for your reference: Queries are most welcome. — Anoop kumar sharma

Setting attributes of an element in jQuery

To set single/multiple attributes of an element in jQuery, refer following snippet: For any query. Reach me. — Anoop kumar Sharma

Delete or remove an element in jQuery

To delete an element from dom, you need to choose any one of following whichever suites your purpose better: ?’s, let me know. — Anoop Kumar Sharma