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learn jQuery in single move

Please refer following PPT to learn jQuery in single move. The Magic Of JQUERY By Anoop _ Revised Let me know if any ?’s

Dimensions in jQuery

If you want to play with an element using jQuery, Your requirement is to measure dimension of the same. You can refer following example: If you have any questions, Please feel free to ask. — Anoop kumar sharma

css manipulation in jQuery

if you want to set style of an element(s), you can refer following example for your reference: Queries are most welcome. — Anoop kumar sharma

Setting attributes of an element in jQuery

To set single/multiple attributes of an element in jQuery, refer following snippet: For any query. Reach me. — Anoop kumar Sharma

Delete or remove an element in jQuery

To delete an element from dom, you need to choose any one of following whichever suites your purpose better: ?’s, let me know. — Anoop Kumar Sharma

replace elements in jQuery

To replace dom elements in jQuery, API provides it’s own inbuilt function replaceWith() and replaceAll(). We can use them as follows: any?’s. Please let me know. — Anoop kumar sharma

creating a file into local system in firefox plugin

You can access/read/write/files on your local system while creating Firefox plugin. Below is the code snippet for the same: Please let me know if you want more information or have any queries on the same. Thanks. Anoop Sharma

Use jQuery while creating Firefox plugin

Hello All, Since I have expertise in jQuery, I thought can we use jQuery in firefox plgin[xpi]? and answer i decided “YES”. To use jQuery in your plugin, only thing you need to do is: Download jQuery api “jQuery-min.js” from …

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Creating Random string in c#

If You want to create a random string, just call RandomString() below function will create random string. If you have any queries, lemme know?

Select dropdown with fixed width cutting off content in IE

I did Google about this issue but didn’t find any best solution, so I created a solution based on JQuery that works fine in all browsers. just call badFixSelectBoxDataWidthIE() function on page load.