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Database for windows form application .NET

Hello All, Are you creating a windows application in .NET? Have you ever thought that how we will manage our database in windows application because we are not sure that SQL Server will be there[on client machine]? Do you want …

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Easiest way to jQuery Ajax call in ASP.NET

This article is all about calling an Ajax request to an ASP.NET based website. Most efficient and easiest way to implement Ajax request-response flow in ASP.NET is using Web-Method. Basically, as in general if we require to call ajax in …

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Install and Manage IIS

Please follow the below steps to install and manage IIS: 1) Go to Start->Control Panel->Programs 2) Now click on “Turn Windows features on or off” 3) It will open up a window with all features. In that, select “Internet Information …

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Access value throughout application in .NET

While developing large applications, the need of global key values arise, that can be used throughout the application. So, for this purpose we should define the key value in the web.config file and through that specific key can access that …

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Set the Culture and UI Culture for ASP.NET

The need of setting culture and UI culture comes when your application supports globalization. The Culture property determines the culture dependent functions like date, number, currency formatting etc.. The UI Culture property determines the resources that are to be loaded …

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Adding Custom Validator run-time to your page and throw Data driven Error to page

Hello All, Today, I was trying to add a custom validator to my page, as we know that Page.IsValid is responsible to run all validators attached to page. Following Code snippet will create a custom validator on the fly: In …

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Install URL Rewrite Module on your IIS server

To Install URL Rewrite Module on your IIS server, You need to perform following steps: Download URL Rewrite Module From Microsoft. Install on your server, where you want to host your web application. Update your web config to write rule …

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SEO friendly url in ASP.NET

What is SEO Friendly URL? URL Rewriting makes your website SEO Friendly, more meaningful and independent to website’s resource. it works on web-server. How it works? Step1: Browser hits SEO Friendly URL to server. Step2: Server apply rewrite rule defined …

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Creating Random string in c#

If You want to create a random string, just call RandomString() below function will create random string. If you have any queries, lemme know?

“Object reference not set to instance of object” Most common error

While developing an application developers at beginning mostly get “Object reference not set to instance of object” error. This error only comes if you use any of the server variable without assigning is value/defining the same. If we go with …

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