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LDAP Authentication Using PHP

Authentication through LDAP in PHP should be easier after reading my post. Isn’t it? Simply you will have to follow below steps: 1 : Enable LDAP extension over Apache. 2: create a Login Page and connect through LDAP on login …

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Remove empty values from array in PHP without looping

PHP provides an in-built function “array_filter” that removes all the key value pairs from the array that contain blank or null value. Syntax: array array_filter($arrayName) Example: The above code will print: Array( [0] => text [3] => -1 )

How to create a virtual host on wamp server

Follow the below simple steps to create virtual hosts and solve the problems related to it: STEP 1 Make your server listen to a new port in the httpd.conf file of wamp server Listen 82 etc. Mention the port number …

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Hosting Applications on Wamp Server

Run single file on Wamp Once the wamp server is installed, a directory structure will be formed in the installed drive named wamp. To run your php file directly on wamp, what you need to do is place that file …

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