Copy Paste is not Working on Remote Desktop Connection[RDP]

In Microsoft based operating system there is a file as “rdpclip.exe” [digitally signed by Microsoft], which is responsible to copy content as well as files on remote desktop.RDPCLIP works as a clipboard manager for remote desktop computer so that users can easily communicate though all devices.

It generally starts on startup or when you take any Remote Connection and works automatically, is configurable by options existing on MSTSC window panel.

If you feel that you clipboard for Remote Connection is not working, Please follow these steps:

  • Open Task Manager.
  • Go to “Processes” Tab.
  • Find rdpclip and stop/end that process
  • click on start new Task
  • type RDPCLIP.exe and press enter

Clipboard should be working fine now. Let me know Your QUERIES.

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