Adding Custom Validator run-time to your page and throw Data driven Error to page

Hello All, Today, I was trying to add a custom validator to my page, as we know that Page.IsValid is responsible to run all validators attached to page. Following Code snippet will create a custom validator on the fly: In …

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Copy Paste is not Working on Remote Desktop Connection[RDP]

In Microsoft based operating system there is a file as “rdpclip.exe” [digitally signed by Microsoft], which is responsible to copy content as well as files on remote desktop.RDPCLIP works as a clipboard manager for remote desktop computer so that users …

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Install URL Rewrite Module on your IIS server

To Install URL Rewrite Module on your IIS server, You need to perform following steps: Download URL Rewrite Module From Microsoft. Install on your server, where you want to host your web application. Update your web config to write rule …

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SEO friendly url in ASP.NET

What is SEO Friendly URL? URL Rewriting makes your website SEO Friendly, more meaningful and independent to website’s resource. it works on web-server. How it works? Step1: Browser hits SEO Friendly URL to server. Step2: Server apply rewrite rule defined …

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animated image not moving/animating in IE(Internet Explorer)

If you are having Problem showing loader GIF in Internet Explorer or any animated image. You can use a css trick via javascript for the same. Pre-load loader image and insert it via JavaScript on run time.

cross browser opacity

TO obtain a cross browser opacity please prefer following style-code which will handle opacity for all browsers: For any?’s, let me know.

Prevent bubbling in javascript/jquery

Whenever an event on an element is triggered, it bubbles up through all its parents till it reaches the html element. i.e If we trigger a click event on element1 then all the click events of its parents will be …

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learn jQuery in single move

Please refer following PPT to learn jQuery in single move. The Magic Of JQUERY By Anoop _ Revised Let me know if any ?’s

Number Validation on text field in jquery/javascript

If you want client side validation on the text field to accept only numbers, then you can use the below function : The above function return true if number is entered, else false. Call this function on keypress() event as …

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